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Bespoke 60s Retro Flower Power Press On Nails - Medium Length Oval

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Bespoke press on nails are perfect if you’re missing your regular nail appointments. They can be a fun way to express yourself or just lift your mood. 

 Message me to create a custom order to request different colour swirls on this particular set of nails or to upgrade this to a nail kit which includes: 

 - A full range of nail sizes so you can find the very best fit for you - Both nail glue and sticky tabs are provided so you can choose which application method suits you best

 - A premium cuticle oil

- An alcohol wipe, mini nail buffer & orange wood stick to make application simple and easy

 Instructions are sent along with your nails so you know just what to do (and if you have any doubts you can check out my IGTV (@tabbyfa) for both Application and Removal Video Tutorials

 - Your Bespoke Press Ons are REUSABLE provided you apply them with the sticky tabs 

 Important : Do not “peel off” Press Ons when you have finished wearing them as this can damage the natural nail. Follow proper removal methods as shown in my IGTV Press On Removal Tutorial. Do not use Press-Ons if nails or surrounding skin are damaged or inflamed. 

 Your nails will come packed inside a water resistant, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable Bubble Bag. Inside you’ll find an eco-friendly, natural pillow box made from 100% recycled material. Shape Variations are available if you want to change to a different shape nail if Medium Stiletto isn't quite right for you!

Note : Your nails are of course brand new and unworn, but sometimes a little bit of gel polish will cure on the back side of the nails. This is just a normal part of the painting process and will not affect the look or adherence of your press on nails. Clear Press-On Nails will show a line where you apply the sticky tabs as they are of course, clear nails. The little clear imprinted number on the top back of the Press-Ons (which tells you what size each nail is) will also be visible on this particular style.  

Postage to UK is FREE via First Class Royal Mail.

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